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‘The Temple of Vesta and the Falls at Tivoli’ By William Callow 1859 {{PD}}

Sometimes we find that with an event we must loosen our orbs in order to get a picture of what’s going on; in my view this lends the whole thing a subtler influence, making a softer impact in the life, or maybe making the kind of difference we don’t really comprehend until later, as other things unfold and make the event (or point in time) results apparent. This is the case for the Total Solar eclipse at 10 Cancer 37, starting at 12:16 PM PDT of the 2nd. There’s only one close contact, and that’s to an asteroid, a sextile to Vesta, right away signalling that what happens at this time will (gently) wipe out or otherwise alter something we care about, something we are dedicated to, or will in some way offer us something new to honor, or bring us something new, a cause or mission or ideal or even a partner with which to merge, that sets us on a new path, or that changes the direction of the one we’re traveling now.

The eclipse also forms a semi-square to Hygeia, suggesting that through some tough but minor changes we create something a lot more healthy for us. With generous orbs, we get a T-square with Pallas as arm to the Sun-Moon opposed Earth axis, bringing a challenge: what happens at this time may conflict with what we consider wise or practical, or may point out we don’t have the skills we think we do. That can be a bitter pill, but as the aspect to Hygeia points out, swallowing it is actually to our benefit.

The eclipse also forms a loose trine to Black Moon Lilith, pinpointing the eclipse energies as able to easily deal with what we’ve ignored or denied, or what has angered us; we have the emotional strength at this time to face what we otherwise look away from, and that’s a gift we should accept.

There’s also another T-square with an arm of Chiron (which is NOT opposed Pallas–the orb is just too big–so no possibility of a Grand Square/ Grand Cross). This again points us toward the need to heal ourselves (Chiron in Aries), perhaps through hewing more closely to what we truly care about, rather than through some image we may have been trying to perpetuate that just isn’t really us.

The Sabian symbol for the Solar eclipse is, ‘A Clown Caricaturing Well-Known Personalities’. This suggests deliberate mimicry, the kind that could be perceived as part of the individual’s role. What role are we playing, job doing, persona-wearing, that has us behaving as someone else? This Solar eclipse may be a call to seek out the ungenuine that we carry and let it go; this meshes perfectly with the sextile to Vesta that offers a gentle boost toward being more closely aligned with our own deepest feelings, interests, passions, and to give our energy to what really matters to us. It may also point out that doing things or meeting life in the ‘style’ of others is a bit ridiculous, casting us as unreal (clownish) in the way we come across or in the things we apply, as they’re most suitable to others. This might be an especially important message for those who’ve been trying to succeed in some area that hasn’t gone as well as they’d like–it may be there’s a need to recognize that impersonation will never make us into someone we’re not.

The New Moon eclipse offers a re-dedication or a new dedication, a chance to commit to something we care about, to something we love, and to do so in a state that is more genuine to our Soul’s intents–and that sounds like it’s only for the good, to me.

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Happy Birthday, you. ‘Cakes’ 1963 By Pplachigo Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

For those born with the Sun at 10 Cancer. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). Dear Cancer, halfway through the solar year to your next birthday, you may feel burned down to a nub, as if it’s all gone, even to the point of wondering what it’s all for. This can be a purely interior condition, though it’s possible one or more of the things you care about will transform and fall away, but in any case may be a difficult emotional journey, initially. Look ahead, though: by late in the calendar year, you will likely see a major re-birth in yourself, a serious new cause or affection that may completely re-build or re-order your world. Not an easy time, but if you always keep what you truly are dedicated to in the foreground, you won’t let go of anything that truly matters to you, and you’ll shape a whole new emotional outlook in the process. Good luck!