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Anyone else feel lately, for want of a better word, ‘haunted’? What we’d like to not think about is right there, isn’t it? Our anxieties are free-floating, and our minds, in trying to deal with them, look around for problems that can explain our feelings of hopelessness and dread. Am I being too dramatic? Maybe, but when we’re so charged-up with worry that we comb our lives for upsetting scenarios to attribute that anxiety to, then we’re cart-before-the-horsing it, and so misdirecting our attention, effort, and energy into trying to solve problems (mostly through worry!) that don’t really exist–and meanwhile, our dreams gather dust and our forward momentum is lost. The antidote? Face what you’ve been avoiding, but don’t let it dominate your thoughts; that is, take action to alleviate conditions, and/ or just move along–half the time those things we’re obsessing about are outside our control, anyway. And try to see how these matters that plague us may have roots in wounds to or some kind of violation of what we see as sacred, to be honored, or as ‘rules to live by’. We often have a very difficult time looking at or even recognizing something so deeply but narrowly traumatic. Tomorrow, the 7th, we see a Sun-Jupiter trine with Sun quincunx Saturn, suggesting bounty, opportunity, expansion, the kind of positive scenario that can’t happen unless we’re willing to deal with and modify the reality picture, to include what’s holding us back.

(Perfecting today: Chiron semi-sq Vesta, Mercury sesq Black Moon Lilith)

For those born with the Sun at 14 Leo. Check your natal chart for the correct Sun degree (you may want to read both the degree number and the one that follows, if you have minutes on your Sun position–together these offer a more complete picture of your year ahead). Dear Leo, you can just feel Love, Money, or some other wonderful something sneaking up on you, can’t you? This feeling persists through the solar year ahead, and promises big opportunities and pay offs to come–so what must you do to make these realities? Number 1, match your status and empowerment level to your action level–make effective moves by acting in ways that you’re already empowered to do and in roles and venues that already recognize your authority. Number 2, keep your eye on the prize, not the one at your feet, but the one at a distance, the one that requires a long-term effort, as that’s the one that offers out-sized reward. And number 3, work with your instincts and intuition so that you are not just comfortable listening to them, but can call on and trust them without too much intervening thought. Good luck!

‘Self-portrait in a convex Mirror’ By Parmigianino c1523 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a portrait: someone who is placed in a position of ‘helping’ who is deliberately placed there because they know nothing about the issue! What does it say, for instance, that someone is in a position to help sell something, but can’t even answer basic questions about the item? To me it says that those selling don’t want to answer any questions, that in fact they want an impulsive, emotion-driven, unthinking purchase to be made–and that may be the case when the seller knows of issues they’d rather not acknowledge. Some people think, the less informed the party buying their sh*t, the better. Do you really want to ‘do business with’/ be involved with that?