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‘The Execution of Lady Jane Grey’ (detail) By Paul Delaroche 1833 {{PD}}

Thoughts are erratic, but oh-so-original–or are they just wacky, not so much inventive as goofy? It’ll be difficult for us to judge, as wisdom and practicality are on the fritz, and it’s hard to see what we value. There’s too much static, too much intrusion on the psyche by matters we’ve vowed to pretend don’t exist! It’s a day to float, cruise, or interact with the mildest of manners, willing to take a look at what we’ve been denying, but not necessarily to act on or do anything about it. Recognition of a problem is its own reward. As to those quirky ideas, write them down and review them later.

(Pallas sesq and Vesta contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith, Mercury sq Uranus)

By John Tenniel 1864 {{PD}}

Good day to . . . find an inner calm, be as still as possible, at least for a time, and try to get some perspective on the thought processes. Today what we don’t acknowledge about our motivations can hurt us. Step back and refuse to allow impulses to send us down the rabbit hole.

Since the Sun doesn’t reach 24 degrees until late this evening Pacific time, see tomorrow’s forecast for that degree’s Solar Return outlook.