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‘The Death of the Gravedigger’ By Carlos Schwabe {{PD}}

The 12th is a Good Day To . . . dig into the reasons behind why we are currently ignoring both our better instincts and our inner wisdom. It’s rooted in the fact that the group or the partner has recently rejected our choices or actions (we may have preemptively insisted they are erratic or unreliable, beating them to the punch!) or in the way we really have acted wildly or spontaneously and it very clearly hasn’t paid off. The problem is this: we think that unsuccessful choice was an instance where we followed our instincts or what we thought was smart, so now we’re thinking what the hell, if doing our best wasn’t good enough, why consider what’s wise, practical, or natural at all? We misunderstand; the impetus behind our issue wasn’t following instinct or wisdom. We were tuned out, thinking we’d connected to our deeper knowing when we hadn’t. We followed rebellious or erratic urges trying to prove our independence, trying to prove we have lots original to offer. Now it’s time for an attitude adjustment, one that acknowledges we might’ve made a poor choice–and we can do much better, once we are open to seeing where we went wrong.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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