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‘Obstruction’ By Jane Sutherland 1887 {{PD}}

The 28th is a Good Day To . . . take cover, be ready for the unexpected, or be ready to think on your feet–it all depends on what parts of both the inner and outer life are still being rejected. The New Moon was supposed to dig these areas up and present us with circumstances to which we could respond–but if we aren’t yet through the process, we aren’t yet ready to take the necessary steps to move into the future.

Today requires a number of things: a reassessment of values and/ or relationships, a change in thinking, a willingness to explore new creative avenues, and a goal of ferreting out discrepancies between our energy commitments (time, what we honor, investment) and our actual priorities (in what life areas we spend our time and attention, rather than where we say we want to spend our time and attention). I know, that’s a bulky and too vague list, but it’s meant to spur awareness of, more than anything else, where we’re continuing to reject ourselves and our genuine needs. Face those areas, and it all becomes clear.

See the New Moon here–

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.