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Ogata Gekko’s ukiyo-e print of a dragon rising from the clouds around Mt. Fuji, from his Views of Mt. Fuji. 1896 {{PD}}

The 13th it’s a Good Day To . . . reach for your highest potential, a creative goal, a surprising opportunity, or for the change you’ve been longing for–all are not just possible, at least one of them is practically mandatory! Communication is both effective and realistic (a big surprise, considering the retro) and it’s easy to show restraint or to discipline or control ourselves. Optimism and imagination saturate the mind and look for ways to express–and our inclination is to give them disciplined and contained avenues that lead to tangible results. Today we also enjoy power, especially the power to create reform, in direct proportion to the sureness of our identity and our purpose. That is, if you know who you are in accurate and fairly objective terms, you can really make things happen–in that case, ‘the facts’ are definitely in your favor. One caveat: if you make agreements or sign contracts today, you may still suffer the traditional ‘retro regret’ once the period is over, as a sextile between Mercury and Saturn cements things firmly in place, and Merc’s trine to Neptune says we can be fooled, almost as easily as inspired–so tread (and sign) with care. Good luck, and have a wonderful day!

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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