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By Lalima – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16831428

The 30th: Lady Power! Venus conjoins Ceres in Capricorn, melding the receptive, loving, jealous, asset-related, and relationship-focused with a sense of personal authority and a confidence in one’s own ‘right thinking’. For some (specifically those who have ‘worked’ for ‘it’) this will be highly beneficial and rewarding; for those normally oriented to taking a more assertive stance, those used to imposing their Will on others and their world, this may be disconcerting and even disempowering. A passive openness after hard work and playing by the rules is what’s in vogue; too, the material reality around us or the guardrails keeping us in our own lane may require some adjustment to our direction but once accommodated may shine a light right where we need to be looking. Don’t take health for granted, and wounds may make themselves felt through an inner sense that we lack empowerment, even when we don’t.

The 1st sees the social order or the facts messing with our values; the challenge is to sort through the messages to judge their validity. How? The yardstick must be this question: what illuminates? If what’s communicated shines a genuinely informative light, then you know it’s true–and so must be accepted and acted on–all else can be dismissed.

The 2nd Jupiter moves into Capricorn. The Greater Benefic charges into the new sign and doesn’t slow until very late, after hitting 27 degrees plus and then retrograding, in mid-May 2020. That gives us a long run forward through a sign that requires Self-discipline in order to access opportunity, the facts, or to gain a wider experience. Expect circumstances that mean we have to learn or teach, we have to face the boundaries of ‘what is’ before expanding into new territory, we have to acknowledge the positives in stability, restraint, and sober reflection. Not scintillating, unless you’ve been waiting for your natural inclination to hard work or disciplined effort to bring reward–in which case you’ll be very pleased, indeed, during this period.

Today efforts aimed at the future bring Love or Money developed in the past–that is, our energy output today simply opens the way for positives or profit from yesterday to flow in. Our attention is drawn to what’s smart or practical; seeing how this can shape tomorrow is important, as is understanding the power of words and thoughts in creating change or transforming what we’re less than happy with.

‘La Leçon’ By Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1906 {{PD}}