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‘Athenais’ By John William Godward 1908 {{PD}}

The 3rd is a Good Day To . . .  express your sexy, gorgeous, loving Self, going after what you crave, looking to get your reward–don’t worry, Venus is in Capricorn, bringing a good dose of restraint to all that desire fulfillment and sensual enjoyment–you’ll have too much good taste to overdo. It may present in yourself and others as frivolous pleasure seeking, but in reality there’s a serious, buttoned-down core that’s looking to build or achieve something solid and even lasting. Too, if part of what you desire is change, you can figure out some genius ways to make it happen–just look at what forms of power your attention is drawn to–those hold hints as to what you can co-opt and make work for you. Anything dark gets a light shone on it, so be prepared.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.