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‘Jewels’ By Thomas Edwin Mostyn {{PD}}

Aside from the Full Moon event this evening Pacific time, the 11th is a Good Day To . . . solidify gains, make Love a fixture of the reality picture, bring values into material manifestation–but don’t go too far. The danger is that we clamp down, trying to shape and handle Venusian energy, and inadvertently slow or cut off the flow, or delay the payoff. Even when Venus comes in a tangible form, a handful of jewels or cash, say, the energy itself remains nebulous; when everyone wants something you can almost feel the way it’s being pulled in many directions, a reflection of Venus’ own desire nature. We want what we want, and today’s energy may bring that thing into being, or stop it’s potential delivery–it’s all in how we handle it.

Communications are surprising, shocking, or in some way unusual, and we may need to change our thinking based on what we learn–and again, the possibilities of what we’re conceptualizing may take solid form. We say it, and there it is–so proceed with care.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.