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A little ahead of things, but still beautiful: ‘January Full Moon’ By George Ault 1941 {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs at 9:11 PM PST of the 11th at 19 Gemini 51, widely opposed Pallas in Sagittarius, which is of course widely conjoined the Sun. Right away we see that what is illuminated by Full Moon events is something meant to bring wisdom, to highlight the practical, or to bring forward from us a skilled answer. This may be both trigger and reaction, a ripeness of knowledge that reaches peak and calls forth an emotional judgment and an active response. Perfecting in Gemini, this might challenge what we think, as we’re confronted by wisdom, knowledge, facts, or beliefs that question or negate our current reasoning (the opposition).

At the time of the Lunar event, we may be ‘coming down’ from some fantasy or misperception (separating square to Neptune), finding that the illusion is no longer viable. This stripping away of deception will lead to difficult confrontation with those things we’ve ignored or denied (approaching square to Black Moon Lilith), and with this we’re likely to see how we must change, how we must adjust to real-world circumstances around the present reality or restrictions the material world presents (quincunx Saturn), how we must adjust to relationships, asset needs, and/ or an expansion of our world through the Arts or through others (quincunx Venus), and the changes, all of them transformative and some of them permanent, that these adjustments will bring (quincunx Pluto).

But of course with a Full Moon we must remember this is an emotional denouement, a monthly mini-‘coming-of-age’ that shows us something that has matured and may be let go within our personal emotional landscape, the subject likely indicated by the House in the natal chart where the Lunar event occurs, or showing a range indicated by the sign/ House axis across which this event falls. This FM also trines Zeus and semi-squares Uranus, suggesting that whether we’re aware of it or not, our ambitions and desires are being served, and that revelation of this may come suddenly or in surprising ways.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘A Modern Cafeteria Displays An Abundance Of Food, Products Of Various Regions’. What comes to mind is this: we may be confused by the abundance of seemingly-appealing things on offer; we may not see that this Full Moon requires discernment applied to several areas of life. We may think we can sample, take our time, enjoy the exotic and unfamiliar–but the Full Moon contacts tell us that kind of leisurely experience is better left for another time. Right now we’re trimming and choosing according to what needs our attention, not adding to our repertoire or trying out the unusual. We’re on a mission of sorts, one that asks us to confront the ignored, to deal with change/ modification in several areas, to better fit the mental approach to the real-world scenario, with the goal of both making our path better reflect our aims, and of bending things more to what’s wise, practical, and useful. Don’t be distracted by all the world has to offer–it will all still be there when we’re done with this Full Moon energy.

The Sun, which offers its light and so creates the Full Moon from our vantage on Earth, also has a Sabian: ‘In An Old-Fashioned Northern Village Men Cut The Ice Of A Frozen Pond For Use During The Summer’. Again, the theme of what’s useful, practical, with a sense of planning ahead. It may be that Full Moon events arise out of a need that we may or may not be conscious of, a need to think about tomorrow, perhaps without falling into the trap of only thinking; instead circumstances around the FM help us translate our thought into action, perhaps in anticipation of the Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces occurring June 12th, which gives us all a big push to make dreams happen.