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By Joseph Farquharson {{PD}}

The 12th is a Good Day To . . . recognize that what we find rewarding may conflict with our ambitions and goals–and that there’s little we can do about that. We must choose: take the money and run, enjoy the indulgence, or eschew the satisfaction of feeding an appetite for the satisfaction of moving that much closer to our goals. Too, relationships may present demands that cause friction with our aims; again, it’s up to us to decide which part of the equation we’ll honor, which we’ll forgo–and it’s in doing so that, with careful observation, we’ll also learn a little something about our priorities. Note this may all be in preparation for what comes tomorrow: the need for serious elimination, costly if not done, a potential bounty awaiting if the right culling occurs.

The 13th offers a natural tendency toward optimism and possible good judgment that facilitates dream creation–but this is only a potential, easily ruined should we be in denial of our wounds. Lacking awareness of the way our hurts can exert an influence on our behavior and responses is what can trip us up today–otherwise, be creative, go for the dream. And, hint for today: we’ll be compelled to reach for goals–the key to making progress lies in something with roots in the past, rather than solely keeping eyes on the future. Bonus: if you have a natal placement at 15-17 Cancer, you have a Water Grand Trine activated by transiting Mars and Neptune. Channel the creativity directly through energies related to the contacted natal energy and those things/ Houses it rules. For the rest of us, starting roughly 5:30 PM PST/ 8:30 PM EST, there’s a temporary Water Grand Trine in effect with the transiting Moon in Cancer filling it in. Watch for creative or delusional action or choices made, propelled by feelings, emotional sensitivities, and strong emotion-based intuitions, ending roughly 8 PM Pacific/ 11 PM Eastern.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

A little on the Gemini/ Sagittarius axis across which the recent Full Moon falls: We might see this as a see-saw with thinking on one end and knowing on the other. Both signs relate by sharing: the Gemini Air relates by networking and exchanging news (factual or not), while Sagittarius Fire relates by reaching out, with the information flow going out (teaching) or coming in (learning), with the material based on either fact or belief (and sometimes both). With Gemini the exchange is more likely to be among equals; with Sagittarius the info flow is from an authority or more learned or informed individual to one less so. These may be fine distinctions or glaring, depending on the circumstance, but subtle differences should be kept in mind when judging any zodiacal axis. When we look closely, we might find to our surprise that the fulcrum where any opposing set of energies meet points to more commonalities than differences, in spite of the signs being in different elements.

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