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‘Priestess of Delphi’ By John Collier 1891 {{PD}}

The 17th is a Good Day To . . . be careful with our words, careful with our power. We’re stronger than we know, and also, quite unintentionally, more aggressive than we realize, so that we think we’re just saying . . . but we’re really conjuring the spirits, longing to discharge energy through rebellion, by shocking others, through challenging the status quo, through out-reasoning or spiritual one-upsmanship (an ugly practice where we say, ‘Look at me! I’m more in harmony with the Universe than you are!’) Our connection to Nature is strong, especially as it informs our relationships, but we’re too easily convinced that our aggressive impulses are instinctive, and therefore necessary, ones. It’s a misdirection of creativity or a refusal to heal, an insistence instead on clinging to, or even causing, hurt. Appreciate what you’ve got, count your blessings–banal advice, I know, but effective, as the energy will be re-channeled, without us having to think too strenuously about how to pull back and make right.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.