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‘The Birth of Aphrodite’ By Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky 1887 {{PD}}

The New Moon in Aquarius (also known as the Chinese New Year) occurs at 1:41 PM PST of the 24th at 4 Aquarius 21, sextile Chiron and square Uranus, but both of those on the wide and separating side, and we can also include a loose novile to Venus in Pisces. That suggests in a psychic sense the New Moon is dangling out there, a loner, an individualist, on its own, birthing something unanticipated, something startling and beautiful–and in Aquarius, that can be something new, modern, advanced, academic, unpredictable, or chaotic.

We may take an intellectual approach to the new feelings sparked at this time, or may discover a new understanding of an already extent situation, and these viewpoints arise from both a shock and a healing moment; those may be the same thing, or two different things, but together end up opening the door brilliantly to a reward, relationship, or ‘treasure’ of great spiritual depth, one that connects us in a unique way to the Collective.

However, there’s nothing brash about what happens here. The shocks are mild, traceable to a recent conflict or difficulty, and perceived in such a way that with a bit of effort, all can be healed, smoothed over, or put right, with the upset likely showing us exactly what we need to see. Conflict with the group is possible, or we may be guilty of erratic behavior, unreliability, or generating chaos ourselves, but it’s within the tumult that we find the seeds of understanding, revelation, and ultimately, acceptance.

The novile to Venus in Pisces holds our ideal of Love, relationship, asset acquisition or talent expression before us, and shows us a clever and inspired way to achieve it; we still have to reach for it, putting in some energy to make it a reality–nothing is guaranteed, and the unpredictable element, if left unaddressed, can take it all sideways in a heartbeat.

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘A Council Of Ancestors Is Seen Implementing The Efforts Of A Young Leader’. Here the emphasis is on the experienced group recognizing the innovative leader, with the mention of youth a clue to that figure’s link to Higher Mind–for where else does wisdom come from, if one is short on experience? This implies that the revelations or reveals that accompany the New Moon are informed by a higher intelligence, and that it will take a cooperative effort, or an acceptance by the majority, to implement them.

No matter what form taken by the unanticipated beauty of the New Moon, and no matter how disorganized or shocking it is initially, it promises positives, information that makes our lives better, an understanding that unites rather than divides. It takes our breath away, and shifts our world-view toward the modern, the fresh, the future.