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You’ll feel much lighter if you examine (and so exorcise) those wounds. ‘Wings of the Morning’ By Edward Robert Hughes {{PD}}

The 25th is a Good Day To . . . embrace our hurt, and look closely and with compassion at exactly where that injury came from. I know! Sounds like precisely what we’re trying to get away from, right now–but maybe that’s the point: in facing what’s actually caused hurt, we take the power away from the imprint, the memory, the situation, and re-claim it for ourselves. We do this today and gain, as well as take a step toward supporting our mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health–and it’s especially vital that we do, as the 26th shines a bright and unforgiving light on our wounds–and that requires us to access two ‘guides’ to actions, choices, and behaviors: we must listen to our own instincts and accept that wispy info that we ‘know but don’t know’, and we must respect both genuine authority (we know that when we see it!) and Mother Nature herself. Both show us the way to heal. Trust yourself, trust your authentic inner voice (rather than the ‘borrowed’ ones we’ve allowed to build a home in our heads), and don’t listen to the ‘crowd’ or succumb to the pressures of the social order.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

A special and heart-felt Thank You to all who reached out through the comments on the last post. It was lovely to hear from each of you. Be well, my friends.