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‘King David: “Oh, that I had wings like a Dove, for then would I fly away, and be at rest.” Psalm 55-6 By Frederic Leighton 1865 {{PD}}

By ‘The One’, I don’t mean that magical someone who, we are taught (especially when we are little girls) will change our lives–or am I? I’m talking about each one of us–and in that sense, we are indeed ‘The One’ who can bring about change, hopefully for the better. Required isolation is putting the emphasis back on Self-responsibility, on taking the needed initiative individually–and this New Moon reflects that.

Moon and Sun meet at 4 Aries 12, at 2:28 AM PDT of the 24th, just before conjoining Chiron and the Black Moon Lilith point. This suggests a strong new course for healing by paying attention to all those things we’d rather ignore–or, in a less likely scenario, a deep, primal wounding via those factors we’ve insisted on ignoring–but in Aries, we are each, as a single entity, allowed to take our pick, to make our choices (or to garner the results of those choices already made).

The New Moon combo is moving toward perfection of a semi-sextile with Uranus in Taurus–something we don’t always need to take note of, but in this case, we do, because it’s approaching, rather than separating–and again we see the importance of the individual, this time as playing a role within a group (the dual symbolisms of Uranus), and all of this figuring in to the welfare of the environment (Taurus) as the group and individual are both part of it, and as they affect it.

The New Moon also forms a semi-square to Venus in Taurus, which in this chart is in its own sign and rules Earth, Juno, Zeus, Sedna, and Uranus, as well as a semi-square to Ceres, which places the New Moon at their midpoint. We could call this ‘The Worth of the Earth’; the bodies under Venus’ rulership suggest that we come to a new assessment of the value of human autonomy (Juno), the costs of ambition on a larger scale than that of the individual (Zeus), and of the price of paying no attention to our instincts and what we ‘know but don’t know’ (Sedna). The NM at the midpoint says that a new path must be found, a new balance, between Ceres in Aquarius (the demands of ‘the modern’ on Mother Nature, a new, progressive view of our relationship to and obligations to Nature and the natural order) and Venus in Taurus, which in a least one expression tells of the human need for material comfort and sustenance, which are gleaned from the environment and its products and assets.

In fact, the square between Venus and Ceres forms the base of a Fist, with the apex the Earth in Libra: it’s only by cooperation, by caring for others as much as we care for ourselves, that the New Moon tension can be resolved and reach some sort of accommodation between Nature and Humankind, a resolution that supports the health of the Earth, as well as the health of her inhabitants.

There is also the way the Sun-Earth axis, joined by the Moon, continues a Cardinal Grand Cross/ Square, for those who accept the Nodes as valid configuration points (long-time readers know I do). The need for action is both clear and fundamental to the way forward; we must deal with what we’ve wrought, in a way that handles both material and spiritual realities, and that recognizes the  rate of the passage of time is a crucial factor to success.

Though it’s a wee bit wide for a New Moon sextile, we can include Vesta in Gemini, if only because the symbolism is so striking: our ultimate values, what we find sacred and dedicate our energies to, are renewed, re-dedicated at this New Moon, as each individual takes action, makes our choices, takes on a new way of thinking (Gemini) that defines both our priorities and the way we will live day-to-day (around the Vestal hearth).

‘Wing of a Roller’ By Albrecht Dürer 1512 {{PD}}

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon may confound us, at first: ‘A Triangle With Wings’. A flying inanimate object–I can’t help but picture a cold geometric shape with the feathered wings of a dove–makes an absurd image, until we think of the way a triangle is balanced, each leg in equal proportion to, and supporting, the other two. It’s this state of true balance that the New Moon is sparking in each of us, via the mechanism of individual choice, responsibility, and commitment. The wings are the symbolic equivalent of the spiritual component of all endeavors, reminding us that a kind of flight of the spirit is what we are always seeking, always aiming for, working to lift ourselves ever ‘higher’–and this image tells us that lift is achieved by attaining that balance. Usually we see this as an inner function, a personal goal, but the Aries New Moon tells us that spiritual ascension is possible only with the correct measure given each of the three legs of the triangle: the individual, the Collective, and Mother Nature Herself.