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‘Mars désarmé par les Grâces (Mars Disarmed By the Graces)’ By Mossot {{PD}}

The 30th is a Good Day To . . . value your health, and think about your goals. Making plans to further ambitions is the perfect thing to do, as we are attuned to what needs to change in the empowerment picture to get where we want to go. We also benefit from altering bad habits, the worst possibly being the tendency to keep people who aren’t good for us in our lives. Today’s the day to send them packing, and put your own well-being first.

Mars follows Saturn into Aquarius, suggesting that the Higher Self helps guide the ego, if we’re open to it, and we may be more receptive to using modern methods to address issues. We are also likely to find a surprising capacity to innovate, to invent, and to be spontaneous, no matter what our usual attitude. Make sure you don’t use the intellect as a weapon. And it will probably be much easier for us to think before we do–which is nothing but a good thing.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.