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‘The Elder: Saint Michael Weighing Souls’ By Juan de la Abadía c1485 {{PD}}

The 5th is a Good Day To . . . recognize that, as much inspiration and creative imagination as you had yesterday, today your brain may try to fool you. This could be via a misperception, an incorrect impression, a confused ‘translation’, an outright lie presented as the Truth, or an imagined wrong, but in any case, what you think should not, just for now, be trusted. The trick to identifying the truth (or lack of it) behind any perception? It’s done by weighing the highest values you hold against your ambitions and desires. If the desire violates a value, then you know you’re lying to yourself–or being lied to by another, as that potential exists, too. Though this is obviously a drag, think of it as preventative medicine. Vow to see clearly, to pursue the truth, and to accept it when you see it.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.