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‘Amor Holding a Glass Orb’ By Caesar van Everdingen c1660 {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs at 7:34 PM PDT of the 7th at 18 Libra 43, and the immediately striking thing is that so many of the potential aspects have a wide orb. With that in mind, I’ll discuss those toward which the Moon will be moving to perfect contact; those that are past perfection won’t be included (unless still within a 2 degree margin), simply because in symbolic terms the wider margin and separating contact suggest what’s already past, not what’s coming. When the orb is smaller (that is within my normal consideration range of 2 and in some cases 3 degrees), applying or separating won’t hold so much weight, as I consider it as part of the current Full Moon picture.

The emphasis on Cardinal contact made by this Cardinal Moon can’t be over stated, and neither can the prominence of the Air element. This is a Moon that brings mental activity to a peak, and that in some way forces action. Out of the endings around relationships, contacts, partnerships, cooperative efforts, aesthetic efforts, and those who surround us or make up our audience, come the beginnings of new associations, and a new imperative to act, maybe in ways that create or reflect major change, especially if change has come to the ‘facts’ of the situation (this showing the strong influence of the Moon moving toward square of Jupiter-Pluto). What conclusions we draw, or what speaks to us now, brings urgency to the feeling nature, propelling us to do or think differently than we do now.

We’ll start with the closest aspect: a sesquiquadrate of the Moon-Earth combo to Venus. As ruler of the Full Moon, Venus connects through her placement in Air (Gemini), but the aspect itself implies difficult circumstances, possibly ones where what we like or assess as worthy is shown by a Full Moon conclusion to be less than we think. This may pertain to relationships, finances, or values, but will certainly cause emotional disquiet about with whom to share or partner. What’s revealed is that our stance in this regard has been taken largely for emotional reasons–and now the impact of that stance comes clear.

The Full Moon is heading toward squares to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, both just over 6 degrees from perfection, which tells us how closely Jupiter and Pluto remain conjoined. This may suggest that the Full Moon reveals the true depth of this combo’s impact on our relationships, partnerships, and to those with whom we share and cooperate. We see the ways problems here may be inescapable, and may see interactions shut down, confined, restricted, or irrevocably transformed or changed. The emotional impact of the pairing is revealed through difficult circumstances or difficult interactions; feelings may be raw, but politely hidden or acted out through passive aggression, since Libra can’t bear to be seen as impolite!

The Full Moon also quincunxes Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, suggesting perhaps that our dreams will have to accommodate FM changes/ realities, or that we must let go of a delusion or two, as the need for action or different thinking just can’t accommodate what’s blatantly untrue or based in fantasy. The need to adjust may show as a need to let go of what’s not seated in reality, or in the need to adjust the dreams or goals to better fit revelations delivered by Full Moon endings.

The Moon and Earth are also heading toward a trine to Ceres in Aquarius. Ah, Mother Nature again, this time facilitating or making what must stop or conclude with this Moon quite obvious, and in a way, easy. She’s handing us the ability to understand in an academic sense; that means we still have time to deal with all she’s been showing us. Those who understand Nature, who accept its power, and recognize its authority, will look for ways to cooperate with Her–everyone else may fall victim in some form, insisting that Humans can conquer anything. No, not for long, we can’t, and it may be time to pay the piper. Approach the natural world with respect, or have the results taken out of our hands.

And lastly, the FM will meet up with (and should be considered conjoined already) to Zeus. This pulls focus toward the personal ambition and desire nature, showing an emotional culmination around the way forward and our own fulfillment.

Well, this hardly seems like a fair match. A Gang of Robbers Attack a Woman, Artist Unknown, 15th century {{PD}}

The Full Moon Sabian is, ‘A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding’. Is that the ‘hidden’ impact of Jupiter-Pluto, waiting to hit us emotionally with this Moon? Or is it humanity, having stolen from Mother Nature and the natural order, now hoping to get away with it? Or is this symbolic of something we’ve been hiding from ourselves, something we’ve been dishonest about, not wanting to admit its true impact? To whom does our world belong, and does this image suggest overreach, that now brings an emotional (and perhaps material) conclusion?

We also look at the Sabian for the Sun with a Full Moon: ‘The “Magic Carpet” Of Oriental Imagery’. Maybe what we’ll see at this Full Moon is the result of so much wishful thinking engaged in, so much indulgence in the idea that we can magically ‘escape’ our own actions or conduct. I think this Moon will tell us No, we really can’t.