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‘Easter morning’ By Mykola Pymonenko 1891 {{PD}}

The 15th is a Good Day To . . . see and acknowledge the dark underbelly of Love and Finance, specifically as it applies to your ideas of your own power, authority, and reach. I’m seeing this as something where we must accept both the darkness and the light we get from relationships, or the positives and negatives that weigh into one’s assessment of a job, career, or financial arrangement. The scenario we’re faced with may point out in stark terms how we tend to minimize or ignore the compromises we make in order to maintain a status quo. But, though it’s possible you might be moved to change things, the intent is more to draw your attention to the need to discontinue sugar-coating an area of your life that’s developing a sticky-sweet crust that will eventually become super-unappealing, and that may already have put you in an awkward (or at least not beneficial) position within the social sphere, or that has kept you from growing and becoming ‘more’.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.