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‘Woman Writing a Letter, with Her Maid’ By Johannes Vermeer c1670 {{PD}}

The 16th is a Good Day To . . . ask ourselves: What must we change about our stated values to make them align with our actions (because our actions reflect our true beliefs)? Aligning what we do and are with what we think we do and are will have massive benefits, if we have the courage to act on it. And second, what habit or choice made in the past can we resurrect in service to our own empowerment and/ or earning ability? Those may seem at first glance to be big, open-ended questions, but in reality they are quite specific; each of them is asking for one thing, the first for personal honesty, the second for you to reach back in memory to bring forward a practice, habit, or exercise that expressed a part of your essence. Right now we all need both a frank assessment of our values, and to recycle and bring back to life something that manifests a vital portion of the spirit (and the key to knowing what this is will be found in what once brought you genuine joy). Again, we’re asked to look into and think about the abyss–and this time when we look away, we come back to daily life refreshed in a Soul-deep connection to our most authentic identity.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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