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‘The Large Poplar Tree II (The Coming Storm)’ BY Gustav Klimt {{PD}}

The New Moon perfects on the 22nd at 7:26 PM PDT at 3 Taurus 24, both bodies moving quickly to conjoin Uranus–first the Moon, of course, then the Sun. This may build-in to New Moon events a particular, high-strung energy that makes everyone hyper-vigilant, hyper-aware, hyper-anxious, and just plain hyper–and this despite the event taking place in normally placid, steady Taurus. We may be presented with a surrounding situation that is all calm vibes and low-key mellowness, only to find that it’s very difficult to sit still, with reality and real-world circumstances forcing awareness of (and maybe ceaseless rumination on) problems or restrictions and limitations, or stressful (and likely confining) circumstances. Or, we could be the calm eye of the storm, with everyone or every thing else swirling around us. In either instance, a contrast that can’t be readily explained.

The thing is, Neptune is loosely semi-square the New Moon; that almost certainly brings a bedeviling energy, with imagination on overdrive and each of us too quick to believe what may not hold up upon examination. Too, this aspect of the NM to Neptune could bring the birth of a new dream, ideal, or misbegotten goal–that latter having its origins in a misconception from which nothing truly sound or productive can come. It’s our job, right now, to know the difference, but don’t be hard on yourself if you fall for a Neptunian delusion, as even with what appears to be a misstep, the contact of the NM to Uranus tells us that whatever transpires at this time offers enlightenment in the form of Higher Mind understanding (Uranus). We may be inspired, or we may falter, caught up in a spontaneous illusion, but in either case we learn a greater Truth, or see our world through a higher and wider perspective.

The Sun-Moon blend noviles the pairing of Venus and Hygeia, suggesting new awareness of the costs in both relationships and material assets of maintaining health. This most certainly applies to quarantining and lockdowns around the world. The New Moon may offer ingenious ways to cope, to soothe, and to provide (Taurus), and will likely show us what we’ll lose if we move too quickly and ignore what’s required to overcome this expression of Nature. Important to note that Ceres, Mother Nature Herself, is currently trine both the Earth and the North Node=we must balance our needs with Nature’s, in order to have a future at all. Ceres is also at 29 tense degrees, and novile Black Moon Lilith=Nature is forcing us to confront what we’d rather ignore; she’s in distress Herself, and needs us to acknowledge certain realities, if we’re both to go on. Ceres at 29 Aquarius screams loud and clear: we can’t go on intellectualizing, justifying our position with ‘reasons’! If we stretch we add to this the way the New Moon is also novile Vesta, suggesting that honoring the ‘right’ things is required, that it’s the smart thing to do, and that we must start today.

The New Moon is also within trine of the South Node and in wide square to Saturn and even 29 degree Pallas. Right now we may be seeing all the difficulties, all the restrictions and issues that the real world presents, the results of past actions and choices. But again, we see that doing the smart thing, the right thing, the wise thing, is required; we’re at a crisis point, and we’re being called to ‘go to war’ in an Athenian way, that is, with consciousness and good intent, to make things right, and to solve real-world problems.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow’. Well that seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it? We can see how to win, what material surroundings and the environment require–now we just have to keep ourselves united in purpose long enough to do it.

Stay safe! If the astrology for this New Moon doesn’t convince you that we need to continue to Self-isolate, I don’t know what will. And if anyone reading this happens to be among those who are protesting the Stay at Home orders, I say with all the love in my heart, go fuck yourselves–you clearly don’t understand what’s going on, and you don’t have the right to endanger the rest of us.