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‘A Stroll on the Beach’ By Michael Peter Ancher 1896 {{PD}}

The 21st is a Good Day To . . .  see how relationships and/ or finances challenge us to be smart or practical. It’s a matter of what we really value being tested–the situation is almost beside the point–it’s all about this: how much do we really mean all those things we say, think, and see ourselves as, in terms of allowing principles to guide our behavior and choices? Once again, we’re being offered a chance to shed illusions about ourselves, to connect with instinct and what we ‘know but don’t know’, and to heal a little part of our hurt. If we accept the challenge, and eliminate any distance between what we say we are and what we are in real life, we earn a kind of security that comes specifically from honoring what we truly revere. It’s a genuine chance to ‘walk our talk’.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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