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‘Ceres Enthroned’ By Michele Pannonio c1450-60 {{PD}}

A Little on Ceres

Here’s a question: Does Ceres (Mother Nature) in Pisces (related to fluid-borne illness, hard to diagnose symptoms, returning to the Collective, miasmas, and unreality, just to name a few correspondences) necessarily represent Covid-19? Many have stated that the recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction kicked it off, and that this represents Covid. Just as with the astrology of a human being, many factors can apply to the overall picture. I do think Ceres’ move into Pisces while trine the North Node is significant. That contact to the Nodes, just as they are poised to move from Cancer into late Gemini (because remember, the Nodes shift and shift but overall move backward through the zodiac) suggests the direction of energy will move from caring to a kind of communicating where networking and connections are integral to the sharing of information. The NN in Cancer brought forward so many moving and Selfless acts of kindness with the onset of these trying times; the change to Gemini, we might reasonably anticipate, will usher in connecting and networking prompted by stress (as the first place the Nodes go is to that under pressure 29th degree). So, perhaps soon we can look forward to some true cooperative efforts, a genuine pooling of information that can take us forward, and benefit everyone. And it’s notable that Pallas is at 29 degrees of Capricorn right now, implying a last ditch effort to avoid being practical or failing to call whole-heartedly on those with appropriate skills to address changes to structures, institutions, ‘the rules’, and reality itself. We certainly see this every day in the US at the Corona virus briefings, where it’s much more a PR stunt (“If we can persuade them everything’s okay, then it’s okay!”) and the President’s time for Self-promotion, than it is about mobilizing efforts to fight the virus. Don’t worry–the Nodal move into Gemini/ Sagittarius should bring more attention to actual information, to the facts, and to a pooling of resources so that more or less we all get on the same page.

Yes, Saturn-Pluto certainly paints a picture of a destructive plague decimating the current social order, deconstructing the status quo, promising to forever change what is–but I think Ceres tells it from a slightly different perspective, that of the state of the planet. Earth is sick, in effect, and that just so happens to affect some of the species that live on her. In this sense, Ceres is the state of health of the planet, the eco-system that expresses viability, analogous to an individual’s state of health, while the Earth corresponds to an individual’s body. Ceres in Pisces, then, suggests we may not be able to know or contain this state of Being, that control may never happen–which means accommodation must instead. Ceres as symbol of our relationship to Earth has moved from a condition of intellectualizing our interaction, and understanding but not doing anything about the relationship itself (Aquarius). That is, we went along, analyzing what was happening, but treating it as effects of the modern, something to study, but not to act on or react to as there seemed to be so little urgency, until suddenly, there is. With current events, Earth and humankind are trying to achieve a better balance, something to supersede the increasingly uneasy living arrangement we’ve had up until now. Together we can make it work.

The 25th is a Good Day To . . .  expect rewards and benefits to suddenly appear from within some fairly difficult circumstances or because of some hard-to-accept restrictions, barriers, or boundaries. Accepting limitations offers us something positive, Love or Money or satisfaction or praise (Venus is currently in Gemini), and that should take the sting out of the negative things we hear and the negative social situation that surrounds us.

Too, Pluto retrogrades today, possibly withdrawing the feeling that we can change things at all. Despair or fear would be a normal reaction–but one you need to realize is based in a temporary condition. This too shall pass is one of the wisest things we can remember at this time.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.