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This might be Ceres’ ideal, high summer, a time when her beloved Proserpina has returned to her. ‘Ceres’ By Osmar Schindler c1902 {{PD}}

Ceres enters Pisces on the 23rd, and this has several implications. We may be inclined to see the potentials in Mother Nature, both Her ideal forms, and the way in which she could develop, the paths she might take–and that can be frightening, if what we envision is her ability to cleanse the planet, because we’re all too aware right now that might include us! And we know in our gut that She tells us what’s coming, as her entrance into Pisces places her trine the North Node point: she easily determines the future, with or without our consent. We might all do best right now to honor Nature, to nurture the health of the plants and animals and environment that surrounds us. Whatever form that takes for you personally (will you water a plant, or plant a field? pick trash from the roadside or contrive a smaller carbon footprint? care for an animal or decide not to eat them?), if all of us participate, it will amount to a Collective signal to Ceres: we bow to You, we honor You, we find You sacred, and so commit to doing our best to treat You with care, respect, and to live with You in harmony. It’s worth a try and in Pisces, She’s ready to embrace us, and to receive our message.

For the 24th we’ll likely be conscious of a smooth interlocking of energies that buoy us forward and that ‘reward’ us with surprises and unanticipated revelations, sudden understanding and, potentially, a higher point of view, should we step back from things and take advantage of it. Attend to health–good ideas about how to enhance it come to us–and listen to the inner knowing, that voice that speaks, not in some external, incorporated admonition, but the one that is purely our own, the one that knows with certainty what’s good for us. Hint: ambitions can’t be served today–we’ll get the wrong message if we do pursue them–instead look to the wider picture, and how you can make your corner of the world a better place.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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