I’ll just hang out here while you get your info ready. ‘The Valkyrie’s Vigil’ By Edward Robert Hughes 1906 {{PD}}

Let’s have a change of pace, shall we? The answer to that is Yes, and you can be part of it! I’d like to hear from readers who’d like a particular aspect in their chart discussed. As regular readers know, I do not like to discuss only one facet of a chart–it gives a lopsided and sometimes incorrect picture, when isolated–but with this we combat any distortions by having the aspect discussed as it functions within the whole chart. That means I’ll talk about the aspect, but as it fits into the entire natal picture. Emphasis will be on how it influences areas other than the obvious and expected ones (such as placement by House(s) or sign(s)). Expect about three paragraphs for any specific aspect–not an exhaustive analysis, though I do aim to make it an instructive one.

How do you play along? You can submit the aspect you’d like to hear about plus your complete birth data (stated as local time, date, and place–for example, 5:05 AM 6 March 1983 Los Angeles). It’s important you state the month in a word rather than a number, to avoid confusion (not doing so automatically gets your info discarded). You may also want to include a few words on how you feel this aspect has manifested so far. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SEND COMPLETE INFO–leaving anything out makes it impossible to use.

Allow me plenty of time to choose and write up what comes in. I’ll be accepting entries through the end of April, for this first round. There’s no guarantee your info will be used, but if it is, your name will not be disclosed. I will not be answering individual entries–if it isn’t addressed publicly in this blog, it won’t be. Submit info through the comments section of this post only.

For at least a while I’ll be going to more random posts, covering current aspects or upcoming astro events or analysis of interesting people, rather than a Daily; the last one of those will post on Monday the 27th for Tuesday the 28th. Stay safe out there, dear Readers, and be happy–and if you need to you can do as I have, and mix it up a bit!