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‘The Artist’s Niece, Kathleen – Portrait of a Musician’ By Grace Joel 1920 {{PD}}

Just a few notes on general trends, on the way to the Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter retrogrades later in the month:

The days spark innovative ideas on health and ‘new’ and inventive approaches to things (Uranus novile Hygeia and Vesta, Mercury parallel Uranus and nov NN–which is good news for those researchers looking at Covid-19) but not necessarily a great time to change reality based on them (Saturn sesquiquadrate Hygeia, Chiron opp Juno, Mercury contraparallel Mars). That is, opening up will take us into negative territory; our hubris will be our downfall, if we insist (Mars semi-sq Chiron and sesq Juno, Merc contra-parallel Ceres, Uranus qnx Juno).

What we need to devote ourselves to, especially on the day of the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, the 4th, is a determination to think before we leap, to do the smart or practical thing, and to fully accept what is revealed about obstacles in our way. We can see our own hurt clearly, and that affords us options as to how to go forward; ignoring our hurt only keeps us stuck. Don’t succumb to the temptation to use wounds as weapons (that will end up being as if you pointed a loaded gun at your own face!), and don’t allow yourself to use them as ways to explain your less successful or flattering choices–we’ve got to own ‘it’ to improve ‘it’ (aspects include Mercury and conj Sun sesq SN, nov Chiron, and qnx Juno).

Ambitions get a big boost, and exercising creativity and looking at events through a spiritual lens can be highly beneficial, as long as you’re willing to address issues, particularly in finances and relationships, rather than bury them, or pretend not to know the problem (Venus sq Neptune and trine Zeus).

Have a great one!