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‘The Path in the Wood’ By Hugo Darnaut 1884 {{PD}}

We have a Full Moon on 7 May at 3:45 AM PDT at 17 Scorpio 20. The Full Moon noviles Juno, opposes Mercury, trines Neptune, and quincunxes the combo of Vesta-Hygeia. A Full Moon brings conclusions, endings, big reveals, or makes it apparent that a situation will go no farther. We may see a definitive end or just a stall that makes us think things might go on–but they won’t, and we may not quite believe it at the time. Hope may spring eternal, but the Lunar cycle (usually) tells us what has matured and so we can turn our attention elsewhere; it also informs as to what’s just over, with or without our consent.

The most difficult thing about FM events is that it can be tough to see in the moment what is a true ending and what is merely a plateau, with this latter specifically making us think things will get rolling again, when they instead may refuse to develop any further, leaving us in a state of limbo that we may not immediately recognize as a prompt to turn to something else/ something new. This Moon’s placement in Scorpio points to at least some of the meaning of the event being hidden or obscured, from ourselves by ourselves (for our own safety, or so that we can stand to go forward with something we’d otherwise run away from) or by others, for any of the various reasons others keep things from us. And, there’s the potential for us to fail to recognize that current events may actually be prompting us to start something new, or to look elsewhere for what we have been getting from the present situation. So, we may mistake this for a pause, misreading it as a delay because of something we imagine or that we’re unable to see or understand via the ease with which a Neptune trine obscures, when it’s really time to move on and not look back, in no-nonsense Scorpionic Plutonian style.

Let’s look at each aspect, one at a time. The novile to Juno promises that the Lunar event will reveal clever, unique, and highly inventive ways to empower ourselves. Empowerment is a broad term, but we know it when we see it–or do we? Part of what a Scorpio Full Moon may offer is a new way of looking at the power situation, and this time we have the potential to see some truly genius ways of getting some for ourselves–that is, if we can cut through the Neptunian fog or distraction. The need to keep this in mind can’t be overstated: we must assume there’s something we’re not entirely aware of at the time of the Full Moon. Just knowing something is slipping outside the grasp of the conscious mind should be enough to help us navigate events–but of course, we’d all like to be completely conscious of conditions, wouldn’t we?

Three days before the Full Moon we have the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, which is the meeting of the two bodies during Merc’s direct phase, and by the time of the Full Moon Mercury is still within orb of opposition to the Moon-Earth combination. This suggests that what was revealed or came to fruition at the SC by the FM stands separate from Lunar implications. It’s as if what was central on Monday (the day of the SC) has somehow become much less so by the Full Moon. Since Mercury is in Taurus, this could translate as thoughts, approaches, or ideas that seemed practical, grounded, comforting, that suddenly don’t seem to be enough, in some important sense. That kind of discovery can be a bit disorienting, and so leave us open to the Neptunian distraction–or to the Neptunian creative surge.

And speaking of that Neptune, in connection to the Lunar event, we could be inspired by a wave of feeling energy, spiritually or artistically, or have pointed out to us our weak spots, those places where we are addressing reality with fantasy or the impractical. The House Neptune is currently transiting is a prime spot delineating the possible subjects through which we experience Neptune’s effect, as is any natal energies and/ or the House(s) these rule in the natal chart that are currently aspected by Neptune.

The Full Moon also makes a quincunx to conjoined Vesta and Hygeia. This suggests adjustment, especially emotional adjustment, to the need to honor our own health. Quarantine fatigue is real, and as someone said, it seems as if we’re right around the 64th of March. This is the point when renewing our commitment to behave in healthy ways for both our own and others’ benefit is paramount–and this aspect may remind us just how much relies on our own responsible behavior.

The Sabian for the Moon-Earth meeting is, ‘A Path Through Woods Brilliant With Multicolored Splendor’. We can see the way ahead of us, see which direction we need to go–if we’re honest with ourselves their will be no confusion about moving forward. A more literal idea of getting out in Nature is beneficial; Scorpio is a sign of renewal, regeneration, and re-birth, so a connection to growing, living things shouldn’t be overlooked as a way to refresh and replenish. Too, our task may be to appreciate the variety that surrounds us, and the journey itself, now more than ever.

We also look at the Sun, source of the Moon’s illumination, for a Full Moon. ‘A Woman Airing An Old Bag Through The Open Window Of Her Room’. The only reason for someone to air an old bag is to be able to re-use it. This image perhaps points toward the need to be more conscious of our resources, of what we discard too easily, what we re-use again and again, and what we think we need new and shiny when we might not need it at all. We are humans, and therefore we consume, so there’s no shame in it, but greater awareness in what and how much we use can only be a good thing.

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