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The 26th is a Good Day To . . . question the way we’re being questioned! It seems both circumstances and others are quizzing us (and this may be verbal or non-verbal, delivered in looks, actions, circumstances, conditions, or gestures, as well as words) about our health practices, our rights, our most original or unique expressions, our choices and what we do based on our highest values, our autonomy, and what we are and are not willing to communicate–so, essentially, giving us the once-over as if Self-determination and a modicum of privacy aren’t something each individual automatically deserves in this life. How to tell if someone else is overstepping? If our choice genuinely impacts them, then we need to consider what they’re telling us; if there’s no impact other than a perceptual one, then their criticisms become their problem, not yours. Take care today–there are little things like Mars semi-sextile Chiron, Mercury quincunx Zeus, and the Nodes just entered the Sagittarius-Gemini axis at 29 tense degrees that are making everyone unnecessarily prickly, giving a sort of sense that ‘assault is in the air’–and with the Moon in Cancer we could at times feel like unprotected amoebas, with thin cell walls that are ultra-permeable and through which we feel everything! Do your best not to overreact–for at least a few of us, this could even be life-or-death important, so mingle, commune, and communicate with care, my friends.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.