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‘The Head of a Crossbowman Taking Aim’ By Hans Holbein the Elder c1515 {{PD}}

The 19th Is A Good Day To . . . tap into the ideals, the imagination, into spirit, and into the creative to quite specifically shape the future. Dreams and our ideas of perfection are crucial to the process. Action and choice in the largest, intention-centered sense are called for; that is, making choices with an eye to the very long-term implications is desirable. We do have the yoke of Mercury retrograde, right now, and that can’t be ignored; best actions are undertaken with a broad-stroke approach that recognizes the limits of the mind, draws on the feeling nature as a perceptual lens, and that is actively cognizant of the sense that there are some things we just can’t or don’t know–which means the aims we take today must rest on Higher Mind, spiritual, and eternal values. Follow those and you won’t go wrong.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.