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By Asurnipal – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=38597398

The Solar eclipse begins at 11:41 PM PDT of the 20th at 00 Cancer 21, and even stretching our modest orbs only shows two closer contacts, a conjunction with asteroid Hygeia, and a to-the-degree quincunx with Saturn in Aquarius. We might also want to note a wide square with Mars in Pisces, important for several reasons: Mars is uncomfortable in a Water sign, and perhaps doubly so when there are no clear boundaries between ‘I’ and ‘the Universe’; because of this discomfort, the vast majority of us are aware (even if unconsciously) of the rub between Mars’ usual assertiveness and the nebulous atmosphere in which it’s trying to operate currently; and, by early September, Mars will retrograde (which happens every 2 1/2 years), this time in his own sign of Aries, which may add to disorientation: we reach ‘home’ in the ‘I Am’ and assertive energies, only to have the rug pulled from under us in future as all indicators are full steam ahead and yet we find ourselves thwarted, delayed, and prone to question ourselves once the retro begins–so an added disorientation ahead that may feel inexplicable and could hearken back, energy-wise, to the current Piscean state–all this making notation of the potential for Mars’ eclipse activation necessary.

The aspect picture suggests the eclipse births an individual awareness of the emotional impact of the state of ‘health’ to every facet of our lives. Problems in the functionality and health of any area now come forward, showing us where and in what form the dissonance disrupts our efforts, our ability to move forward, and our egos. It’s an event wherein the real-world scenario is presenting needed areas of adjustment, as well as pointing out where and why we may find externals holding us back. We may rebel at that, insisting modification isn’t necessary–the ego may be in direct conflict with what the eclipse reveals–but we’d be wise to note what we’re shown; the eclipse offers realistic, Higher Mind clarity–all we need do is be open to our own feeling nature as it supplies plenty of motivation and guidance for adjustment, alteration, and change.

The eclipse falls at one of the Cardinal ‘starting points’, emphasizing the ‘clean sweep’ nature of the event as well as the seminal quality of what occurs; more is birthed with this New Moon than we are able to grasp, or even that we’re immediately aware of. Add to this that the eclipse falls on the solstice (but here I have to say the meaning is symbolic, as the actual ‘longest day of the year’ can vary by up to a couple of days either side of the event as measured at the equator, depending on your location north, with this also marking the shortest day, with those same variations, for those in the Southern Hemisphere). So, we combine a New Moon eclipse at a 00 zodiacal degree with the symbolic extreme of a Solstice, and we get a strong sense of new, new, and new, especially the individual emotional interpretation of the landscape–and that suggests revelations around our genuine feelings. Even the most aware of us are likely to be unprepared for the impact of our discoveries, of the emotions we may not even have realized we have, of the feelings that have been unconscious and so underlying so much of our reactions and motivations.

It’s always a good thing to see how we actually feel, even when we’re not happy with the revelations. As humans we typically avoid knowing much of what we feel, because if our true emotional state were revealed to us, it would in many instances demand we do something about the circumstances that generate those feelings–and that may threaten much of what we have (often precariously) managed to find a balance point for in our lives.

The personal flag, an announcement of our allegiances, may change with this eclipse. By Claude Monet 1878 {{PD}}

The Sabian symbol for the eclipse is, ‘On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One’. A flag is a symbol of allegiance; this symbol suggests ours will change. This may signal that eclipse events may move us to make public what has to now either been only known unconsciously or held as private. There is the chance that we simply replace old alignments with a new version of the same–but that’s not likely, considering the tone of the eclipse is one of revealed emotions. It’s most definitely a time to let our Freak Flags Fly–and to allow ourselves a freedom of expression that accepts our most unusual feelings and characteristics–and because we care (Cancer eclipse placement) this can be nothing but good.

I may be taking a few days off post-eclipse–it falls in my 6th, squares my Mercury, sextiles my Pluto, trines my Neptune, and so reaches into my 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 10th, so calls for some examination of the creative, earning, career, and cooperative energies currently in play. Orders will still get filled and I’ll still answer comments. Thanks for your patience, and have a wonderful and enlightening eclipse!