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‘A Portrait of a Mother and her Two Sons’ By Hilda Fearon 1911 {{PD}}

“Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”–my mom

The 26th Is A Good Day To . . . be really really clear on where and from whom the anger is coming. This might be our own temper, spilling over, someone else’s, or a combination, and could come in many forms, some of which are unlikely to actually look like the aggressions they are. Blame it on a 29 degree Mars in Pisces (so good at hiding, good at camouflaging as something else) in a T-square with the 29 degree Nodal axis across Gemini-Sagittarius. The square brings conflict to the surface, including our own internal conflicts, and forces them out into the world via  choices and actions (Mars), thoughts (Gemini), and beliefs (Sagittarius) related to the life path.

This may distract from the ‘real’ issue, which is a careful weighing of and thinking about Power. What our power is worth to us is the issue, and there’s a particular focus on the way our thinking shapes (quite literally in some instances) our relationships to both others and to money.

We may be exhausted by the end of the day, but we do get through it, probably having gained some very clear ideas of where we stand–and we should be glad of it, as lately we’ve been more or less acting or choosing through the fog of Mars in Pisces, the retro Mercury, and the shook up values, relationships, and asset picture of a retro Venus. Too, we’re not out of eclipse season yet; another comes on 4 July, and that means we’re still becalmed, unable to choose a direction that serves our best interests yet, still riding in that valley between events through uncertain and sometimes contradictory energies.

Hint for sorting things out today: those who get angriest either have the most to hide, or are just discovering how messed up things really are. If that’s you, be kind with yourself–in reality nobody expects you to know or anticipate everything.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.