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‘Le Palais Contarini’ By Claude Monet 1908 {{PD}}

In the Near Future It’s Good To . . . be ready to adjust and re-adjust our stances on just about everything. The big news on the 22nd was Neptune stationing retrograde and likely removing at least a couple layers of fog, misperception, misdirection, and/ or deception. This switch will point out over the course of the retrograde what dreams we can realistically move toward, which we must nix, and which need more attention, modification, or creative input in order to be viable, and may also offer a reality check on an ideal or two. This is longer-term, and so likely to be delivered by moving aspects to the chart related to natal Neptune or the transiting body to other natal points, which can help pinpoint when the influence may come forward in the life, and can indicate which life areas might see the clearing skies.

As with all the ‘heavier’ bodies, Neptune moves very slowly at direction and regression points, and so may leave the impression that this is the state of Neptune-tinged areas permanently, but there’s one thing to remember: the Neptune influence is like standing knee-deep in a muddy lake. We can’t see the bottom, even though we know it’s there, and we can’t see what else may be floating around us in the water. It can be unnerving if we focus too much on defining what we can’t see; still, we must keep in mind there are things we can’t see, and though imagination can serve to ‘fill out’ what’s invisible it’s not really advisable, as it’s too easy to let the fears drive the imagination. This period also includes a Neptune contra-parallel to Juno, suggesting a ‘big reveal’ (or at least a new idea about) the roles where you call the shots or cooperate with the mate; where you’ve been fooling yourself about your own power and reach may become apparent. Be glad you’re finding out this way, and not in some more stressful or demanding scenario.

On the 24th Venus stations direct, ending our long national nightmare of aesthetics gone wrong and the sampling of relationships outside our usual territory. Hopefully it brought some successful experimentation and revealed a new love or revenue stream, and maybe kicked off some fast friendships. Venus does her turnaround in Gemini, and that may give us a break; what we think of things may coalesce quickly and be unusually clear for a concurrent Merc retro period–and that can only act to bolster confidence.

There are two noteworthy minor contacts (but those can be major under the right circumstances, can’t they?) on the 25th: Uranus sextiles Vesta, and the Sun conjoins Hygeia. With the first we may see surprises or sudden developments delivered through the home scene and those life areas to which we dedicate our efforts. This is highly individual for each person, and could also suggest we see some intimate relationship, home situation, or cause we’re committed to through a Higher Mind lens, which could offer revelations concerning where and to what we should dedicate our efforts. The second just puts a big spotlight on health; stay aware that health is a state of being that can apply to almost anything–in this case, with the pairing in Cancer, we are likely to focus on the health of what and who we care about, or the health of anything related to the matters of the House where Cancer is located in the natal chart.

A Good Day To . . . , as well as any weekly versions, are based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.