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Sidle up sounds like saddle up, doesn’t it? By Anson Ambrose Martin c1840 {{PD}}

The 30th Is A Good Day To . . . approach things obliquely, especially expressions of personal Will or efforts to promote one’s own competence or elevate one’s own status. Even though we may feel alight with good ideas and eager to implement them, we may not anticipate the way what we’ve ignored or denied up to now comes roaring back to muck things up. And it’s not just that; this is the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury (inferior referring to Mercury’s retrograde state), a time when our retro-period mulling plants the seeds for new ideas and ways of thinking, so can be the starting point of ways of seeing that would find our current choices, if successfully implemented, less than satisfying.

Better to proceed with caution, allowing ourselves to be informed via the surprise, the off-beat, and the unexpected, meeting challenges with an inventive and original turn of mind, not pushing too hard for any particular result.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

Today’s word image is: on a warm summer night, a car idles for hours. In what way are we ‘running our engine’, wasting energy and resources, when we should ‘go dark’, allowing ourselves to rest? Covid times are tough on all of us, in ways we often can’t anticipate, and prompting us to try to be continually ‘ready’ for what we must face, to always be doing something productive or to improve the Self. That may have served us as an initial response to a multitude of stressors, but as summer arrives we need to be willing to get adequate rest, to refuse a kind of hyper-responsibility that doesn’t serve and is highly draining. Turn off your engine, get out of the vehicle, and look up at the stars.