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‘The White Rabbit’ By John Tenniel 1890 {{PD}}

The 15th Is A Good Day To . . . scramble down into the depths–you heard me, look right into the abyss, shine your light in, unafraid, right down into the dank, tarry tonsils of the monster–because that’s where the power and/ or the circumstances of empowerment lie (Sun opposed Pluto).

The part that you might not realize right off, that might keep you from ever even examining this shadow, is that there are no surprises in there, nothing we don’t already know about, nothing we can’t handle. The reality is that what we’ll be looking at are all things we shoved into that shadowy area in the first place–and those are the very things that offer agency and autonomy by resolving them (Juno parallel Black Moon Lilith).

It may feel a bit like plunging down the rabbit hole, but the Moon in Taurus says indulging in a little material comfort can make the trip a whole lot easier, and we should take advantage of this right now as our vision is all that much more acclimated to seeing in the waning light as we’re on the approach to a New Moon, slated for early on the 20th PDT.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.