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‘Under the Shade of a Tree’ By Kuroda Seiki 1898 {{PD}}

The 16th Is A Good Day To . . . note that there’s not only no rest for the wicked, there’s no rest for anyone else, either! It may seem like dark forces are out to get us, but the reality is what we’re experiencing is awareness of every single place in our lives where love is missing. If we try to wield power, exercise authority, make things go our way, dig deep or research, try to make changes, or act with an eye on the future, we see at each step of the way how and where we’re failing to bring a loving attitude, to meet circumstances with our ‘Best Self’, where we are polluting our own lives with anger, bitterness, vengeful or resentful thoughts, or just a general desire to experience Schadenfreude.

Though it may feel like the Universe rebuking us, it’s really about seeing that we can’t tell ourselves that we’re loving Beings if we’re busy harboring resentments or wishing for someone else’s failure. Today’s about Self-awareness, and offers us the chance to repair those particular situations or relationships, to make positive change to our own part in things, so that we don’t in future regret our choices.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.