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By Édouard Manet Probably c1860s {{PD}}

The New Moon perfects at 10:31 AM PDT at 28 Cancer 26, sesquiquadrate Ceres, opposed Saturn which is closely conjoined the Earth, and forming the base to a Finger of God by sextile to Sedna in Taurus with an apex of the South Node in Sagittarius. We’re offered a fresh emotional slate with this event, but the question is, is it a clean emotional slate? That is, is the viewpoint and agenda devoid of baggage, free of old aversions and biases, and so truly based in what we care about at this moment, at this point in time?

Well, we’re human, so gaining such a blank, unburdened emotional outlook as adults is unlikely. Instead, we are probably going to discover we care about one or more ‘new’ things or areas in life related to matters of the natal House that contains Cancer or that holds the natal Moon. What we care about, though, will be inextricably linked to the actual current reality picture and material situation (probably as it relates to those natal Cancer/ Moon placements). With the involvement of both Ceres and the Moon, the theme of mother or nurturing will likely be prominent, specifically through a lens of the kinds of power that accrue to someone who carries responsibilities, or who becomes responsible for someone or something else. Our interest may arise from or show us the difficulty of our own or someone in authority’s power position, and out of this, triggered by this Moon event, we’ll see our own instinctual responses and/ or our ‘blind spot’ material brought forward in such a way that we create a version of the past.

Often when we see something referring to the past being re-created in the present, we’re inclined to freak out. We don’t want to go ‘backward’, or at least don’t want to move toward something we think is regressive. This time, though, there’s no need. The past in this instance refers to something learned from experience, something that spurred the widening of our world or our viewpoint, that introduced us to something ‘foreign’ but exciting and expansive, something that helped us reach out and become a part of the wider world. The experience we had then can inform the experience we have now, and that’s a good thing, a refresher directly from the Universe that shows us how we’ve grown, and re-asserts the means by which we did–and in the process challenges us now to use a similar experience or method to foster growth once again.

The Temple of Zeus at Cuma. Photo By Bobbylamouche at French Wikipedia https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1643589

The Sabian for this Moon event features an odd cross between Libran and Gemini-themed symbology: ‘A Greek Muse Weighing Newborn Twins In Golden Scales’. What do those astro symbols relate back to? The Air element, Gemini the twins and Libra the scales, which is essentially missing from the active Cardinal energies of the current sky in the form of a relatively empty Libra. Major energies fill the other Cardinal signs, but Libra holds only Juno and Zeus–and though Juno is precisely opposed Mars in his own sign of Aries, formidable as she is, the Queen of Olympus is no match for the Warrior, at least as they represent major energies within the psychic pantheon for the individual. The Mars-Juno match-up shows us how our Will, Self-interest, choices, and actions (Mars in Aries) have put us into specific empowerment venues and roles, ones that involve cooperation or aesthetics (Juno in Libra), but these aren’t integrated into the New Moon picture, leaving the energies to ‘dangle’ without potential for resolution.

Too, the fact that those scales are described as “Golden” implies a certain purity or high value–that is, what’s missing is as important as what’s present and active, in reading this image.

There is also the matter of ‘A Greek Muse’. I’m inclined to see that in this instance (in the New Moon snapshot of the sky) as pointing us toward Libra once again–in this case, toward the only body I’m currently using that carries a Greek, as opposed to Roman, name: Zeus, which sits at 19 Libra 58, closely opposed the Black Moon Lilith point in Aries and square the midpoint and each of Pallas-Jupiter in Capricorn, and also square Vesta in Cancer–creating a completed Cardinal Cross (as opposed to the Cardinal opposition formed by the New Moon-Sun opposite Earth-Saturn).

The Cardinal opposition emphasized the material/ physical experience, especially the barriers we face or the issues that limit us (Earth-Saturn) that will be illuminated/ triggered/ will generate new attitudes of caring, nurture, and concern (NM in Cancer). The factor of Time (Saturn), and what we’ve learned in the past or from its passage, is also vital to the equation.

The Sabian, then, may provide information that the initial aspect picture only hinted at. A Cardinal Cross is an action plan, a dynamic roadmap of what is in play–and knowing what’s in play automatically offers us answers about how to handle it. Our ambition and desire picture, particularly as it’s expressed through cooperative arrangements, partnerships, and the Arts (Zeus in Libra) is triggered by the friction provided by all that we’ve ignored, denied, or that has enraged us about ourselves (Black Moon Lilith in Aries), and this in turn prompts application of our highest standards and values, an assessment of and re-affirmation of our commitments and what we honor (Vesta in Cancer), and what comes from this tension are smart and practical opportunities to make solid, concrete responses (Pallas-Jupiter in Capricorn) to the issues before us.

The New Moon picture turns out, after careful consideration, to be much more personal, and much more focused on the individual initiative and perceptions, than it seemed at first glance. The action, then, is largely on the inside, though certainly, how we feel (Cancer) about our surroundings and material circumstances (Earth-Saturn) and the ways they restrict, hedge us in, help us build, or restrain us (Capricorn) will be the trigger for it all.