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Sheep (race Red Head Manech) at Zuhalmendi. Ascain, Basque Country, France. Photo By Basotxerri 2018 CC BY-SA 4.0 File:Ascain – Oveja -BT- 02.jpg

The 30th Is A Good Day To . . . question why it is today that we seem to be insisting on doing the thing that’s bad for us. We’ve got some odd ideas, maybe even delusions, about what fulfilling ambitions and desires might mean, we seem to be courting contrary opinions and looking for difficult social interactions, facts mean (almost) nothing, as far as we’re concerned, and we may push without thinking in relationships and over assets even though we know it’s not wise to! What gives? It’s simple, really: our imaginations have gotten the better of us; we’ve been fantasizing and then responding as if those fantasies (many of which are on the angry or paranoid side of things) are real–and they’re not. Realign thinking by concentrating on the practical and the ideal. Be satisfied for now with taking a step back–and know that it’s a well-deserved break, with circumstances that will bring significant healing tomorrow, the 31st–which also happens to be a day when our attention is on the current trajectory of our life direction. We’ll find some especially clever and innovative ways of getting ourselves where we want to go–so plan on big steps tomorrow, and just sit back and stay out of trouble today.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.