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‘Cathedral Spires, Garden of the Gods, Colorado’ Photo By William Henry Jackson c1874 {{PD}}

The 1st Is A Good Day To . . . do our best to stay out of an ego war between two individuals or entities who are impervious to input–so they don’t learn, just continue to butt heads–and further, we should strive not to be one of these parties ourselves. Just being in this atmosphere can drive thoughts to the dark side and make us unduly pessimistic. Our armor comes in two forms: one is in having the Self-possession and poise to deal with what we’ve been avoiding–it loses its negative pull when dragged out into the light and faced–and we should allow actions and choices to be informed by that still, small voice within. We know more than we think we do–it’s time to trust ourselves to respond appropriately–but this only works if we are truly honest with ourselves. Refuse to see reality, and judgement quite naturally and understandably will take a wrong turn. Use a lifeline and phone a friend if you’re really unsure.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.