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‘Central Park’ By George Wesley Bellows 1905 {{PD}}

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The 4th Is A Good Day To . . . get it all out in the open. We are likely to feel resistant to facts and engage in unrealistic thinking, but if we can just do three things we can navigate these influences very effectively: 1) be willing to re-assess those things and people we love (or perhaps more accurately, those things and people we think we love). If we’ve been telling ourselves a story that isn’t true, now’s the time to find out; and if we’re saying we love something because we think it sends a certain message about who we are, then that’s not love, it’s branding. 2) don’t focus on the negatives of the past; at this time we’re prone to exaggerate them, when what we really need is to change the narrative we tell ourselves about what was. 3) be willing to see reality, warts and all, and then to accept it and follow our inner voice, which has the wisdom to handle it. And one more hint: the power position is not the position to be seeking at this time; that will come quite naturally with addressing the other life components that are interfering with interpreting and responding to reality accurately.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.