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You may bend yourself all out of shape today if you let your temper get the best of you. Photo By Rudolf Koppitz 1925 {{PD}}

The 5th Is A Good Day To . . . take it really easy. You may feel like shouting every time something happens, “I’m opposed to that!” and your reaction may have nothing to do with actual circumstances. It seems we resist our own values and the obligations we’ve willingly taken on, seeing them as ball-and-chain attachments rather than as positively grounding elements of a balanced landscape; we get aggressive over or even toward our own ambitions and desires, assessing others’ comments as criticism and our own criticism of what we want but haven’t achieved as a complete injustice; and we ponder the costs of the past, all those ways we’ve ‘paid’ for less-than-satisfactory circumstances, that leaves us wishing we had made better ‘investments’ of time and energy.

How do we handle this deep, inner current of anger and dissatisfaction? We must focus our energy and attention on one of three things: 1) health, 2) Nature–get out in it, and 3) on those life areas where we hold personal authority, especially those areas where we are responsible for and to others. Hold in your mind the ideal You as you would like to see yourself in these roles and performing these functions; you also might look to someone you admire, and model your attitude on them. This isn’t a fix-all so much as giving you something important to focus on, that both helps you cut through the veil of anger and discontent, and that will at least in some small way help you re-align priorities and feelings.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.