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By Utagawa; Hiroshige (I) , Utagawa died 1858; Uoya Eikichi Hiroshige (I) – http://www.rijksmuseum.nl/collectie/RP-P-1956-754 (handle), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=89018464

The 16th Is A Good Day To . . . do it! Today we get a massive green light for our actions; we have the clout, knowledge, personal authority, and receive the cooperation we need to get ‘it’ done. With the benefits to action obvious, and so much clarity of thought in place, what could possibly hold us back? Only one thing, ourselves, specifically if we choose to indulge in either behavior rooted in old wounds, or if we see it as the chance to deliver some (in our judgment) much-deserved wounding ourselves. If we’ve avoided acknowledging our anger, our rage, of late, or if we haven’t admitted that we, like everyone, carry destructive energies, these may well up and assert themselves through our choices and conduct–but otherwise, if we can avoid denying our feelings, we can go forward with rewarding, even stellar, results.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

Today’s Word Image is from a dream I had last night. As dreams often do, they present us with scenarios that seem perfectly logical while we’re in the dream, but that become odd and difficult to convey once we’re awake. In this case there was a new ‘invention’, a thing made of paper that was both a book and a car, but that didn’t actually go around like a car–it instead acted as a ‘place holder’ for a parking spot on a busy street–and it could fold into many shapes and be used as a carry-all–and this was aside from the way it held a story/ information that was chiefly meant to be read. This paper construction was something my younger sister (I don’t have one) and I were giving to our father (not my real-life father), and the whole thing was set in a place called Mission Bay.

Old timey ephemera aimed at the clog-seeker. {{PD}}

I know what this dream means for me, but what would it mean for you, if it were yours? What ephemeral (often applied to paper works seen as of temporary interest, from the Greek word ‘ephemeros’, meaning ‘lasting only a day’, or ‘short-lived’) but useful construct is both new and useful to/ gifted to the ‘responsible’ (Saturnian ‘father’ figure, or the Sun as the dynamic identity oriented toward Self-realization) part of yourself? What is your narrative around duty, work, obligation, Self-control, as it applies right now, however fleetingly, in the moment? What story are you telling yourself about achievement, about ‘getting there’? What do you see as your Fate? What do you need to tell yourself that makes a mental ‘space’ for when you need to propel yourself forward, and what ‘baggage’ have you stored in it (and that can include those stories you tell yourself about who you are and where you’re going)? Just some things to ponder. Have a wonderful Sunday!