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By Arkhip Kuindzhi 1878 {{PD}}

The 22nd Is A Good Day To . . . be aware that there might be a lot troubling us below the surface. The ways we have strayed from our own highest values, the ways we’ve failed to achieve particular goals, and the ways that hurt has crippled our ability to act effectively and to choose correctly will all be lurking under conscious awareness and so making us see ourselves in a particular, unflattering way. That means we could waste an entire day feeling bad and fearing we haven’t done what we need to do–which leads us to feeling bad about ourselves once again, and around and around.

What we need to know is this: at some point we will become aware of, even begin to obsess over, these whispering upsets, and it’s our job to realize that the lens through which we’re seeing things is shaped and distorted by the fears our imaginations cook up. Awareness that we have moved away from our ideals is a good thing, because it tells us what we need to do; pretending that there’s no way to re-align ourselves, to re-fresh our commitments, or to forgive ourselves for goals not met, is not. As the Sun moves into Virgo, use its bright spotlight to look at ways we can better reach for aims, handle details, assess matters, and better conduct ourselves, and remember: the flip side of criticism is forgiveness.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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