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Turner, Joseph Mallord William; Barge on the River, Sunset; Tate; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/barge-on-the-river-sunset-202413

The 23rd Is A Good Day To . . . tread with care around Power. I hate having to tell you that, but it seems attempts at communicating our ideas or just going about our business (even when it doesn’t involve or infringe upon others) stirs up some surprisingly pernicious conflict. It’s as if those in power (and in those places where you hold power, this applies to you, too) will see themselves as threatened, even when no threat exists. That suggests that everyone may become aware they’ve somehow exceeded their rightful limits–and what does a guilty conscience do? It reacts as if that’s what’s being done to them! So, cultivate awareness of where your territory begins and ends, don’t overstep it, maybe reassure others you don’t see them as carrying a target on their backs, and a great deal of the tension and subliminal fear might dissipate.

Sources: Merc opposes and Juno sesquiquadrates Ceres–see what I mean? The real corker, though, is the Fist of God with base of Pluto-Black Moon Lilith, apex Virgoan Mercury–it funnels a good deal of existing but denied upset, shame, tension, desire for power, and thwarted Will into a critical assessment of what’s before us, including those with whom we interact–no wonder things explode! This lasts through its perfection on the 25th, at least.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.