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‘Wooded Landscape’ By Albert Bierstadt {{PD}}

The 25th Is A Good Day To . . . take a deep breath; then get your bearings before going forward. Today is a mash-up of numerous, sometimes conflicting, influences; here are some pointers on how to sort it out: trust your sense of uniqueness, of individuality, of originality, as it’s not only aligned with inner wisdom and practicality, but is keyed to support both ambition fulfillment and mental acuity. Don’t count on ‘luck’ to get you through–doing so will end up costing you. Nature is your friend today; the social sphere, not so much. And whatever you do, don’t let negative fantasies overwhelm efforts or send you into a dark place–the operative world is ‘fantasies’, meaning ‘not real’.

That Fist of God I talked about on the 23rd (Saturn-Mars square, apex Mercury) perfects today. Here’s what I said then–just add sparkles: “it funnels a good deal of existing but denied upset, shame, tension, desire for power, and thwarted Will into a critical assessment of what’s before us, including those with whom we interact–no wonder things explode!”

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.