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Battering ram found in 2010 at a depth of 81 metres in the area of the battle of the Aegadian islands, fought on 10 March 241 BC, during the First Punic War. Carved inscription in Punic letters: “May this [ram] be directed against the ship with the wrath of Ba’al, who makes it possible to reach the mark, may this go and strike the hewn shield in the centre.“ {{PD}}

The 24th Is A Good Day To . . . refuse to be a human battering ram! With Mars square Saturn it’s the Will (and sometimes an angry, temperamental, insistent, I-must-have-my-way-Will) that makes us put our heads (so Martian!) down and run directly at immovable objects. And have no doubt, what we want to shove, topple, or punch today WILL NOT BUDGE. With each body in its own sign, each force is at its strongest–and so each side will spend a great deal of energy, one to impose a want, one to resist any change, a pointless expenditure. We are pushed to act out like this by our own denied inner torment, by wounds we’ve not yet made peace with, and by the way our minds prompt us to do anything other than deal with our issues (Merc sesq Black Moon Lilith, qnx Chiron, and semi-sq Hygeia). Face what’s really bothering you, and you won’t need to storm any walls, or exhaust yourself in defending your own.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.