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Astronaut Piers Sellers during the third spacewalk of STS-121, a demonstration of orbiter heat shield repair techniques. NASA, Photo By Astronaut Michael Edward Fossum {{PD}}

The 29th Is A Good Day To . . . get out of our own heads. We think and speak too much from hurt if we’re not Self-aware (and who is totally conscious? Most of us are at least softening the edges of reality with a largely harmless observational lens), so being as cognizant of real-world circumstances and details as possible is important. The best (quality and success-wise) ideas are backed by ideals, and we currently have the ability to transmit these to the social order, so do your best to infuse interaction with a big shot of integrity-based decisions, viewpoints, and action. Live Your Truth, and be on the lookout for the kinds of irony, contradiction, and hypocrisy that can overtake us when we stray from our Highest Values.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.