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‘God the Father Creating the Heavens’ By Jean-Charles François 1760 {{PD}}

The 28th Is A Good Day To . . . talk about the astrological health picture–of ourselves, of the Earth–and Nature’s responses to our efforts to tamp down Her assertions (for what’s a virus but a living thing sent out into the world by Mom to compete for territory and success with other living things? A creative statement, perhaps, or a created statement, generated by the Mother of All Earthly Creation, Ceres.)

There’s a Fist of God (or Thor’s Hammer, for the Norse among us) with a base of Venus-Zeus in Cardinal signs (compelling action because we care–Cancer–about others/ loved ones–Libra) and apex of Earth-Ceres, with the Sun semi-square each factor of the base. This is a picture of everything we care about, everything we reach for and want for ourselves as human beings, in a crisis (square) situation, with the inevitable outcome showing in a difficult relationship to Nature (Ceres) and our material surroundings (Earth), a need to adjust our interaction to the needs of the planet, and a need to take into consideration her other inhabitants, as well.

The configuration itself is a punishing one. A Fist always describes a clash (the base square) between two disparate energies that are trying to find a way to resolve their issues and work together; even if they don’t find a way to mesh, the result is the energy at the apex, and it’s in the way the base energies have either resolved their clash, or failed to, that determines whether the apex energies manifest in a positive or negative manner.

This Fist stresses all that we love (Venus) in its conflict relationship to our own appetites and heedless desires, our thoughtless taking-what-we-want (Zeus), and asks us to consider what needs of the environment (Earth) would cause the response that Nature (Ceres) makes. For instance, in answer to global warming, Nature deploys the current unprecedented hurricane situation in the US gulf; for the first time we’re seeing two hurricanes at once, and storm Laura at the time of this writing promises something I’ve never heard in US hurricane forecasting before: an unsurvivable storm surge of 20 feet. If you are a reader in the storm zone, I hope you made it out of there, and are sheltered, safe, and warm!

So, we’re challenged to both admit how our appetites have affected the natural order, and admit that we are the only ones who can do anything about the disruption; Nature is only responding to our interaction with her and her creations–it’s up to us to learn respect, before we as living organisms are overwhelmed ourselves.

Ad for “Pluto Water” laxative by Pluto Water company. Text at the bottom recommends it as a preventative for Spanish Influenza. Printed in LA Herald Oct 1918. Pluto water contained an assortment of minerals, most notably lithium salts.

The only other thing of which I’d like to make note is the Cardinal square of Pluto to Juno. This simply points to the tension of a power struggle that calls for action (the Cardinal placement). Here we may see the power establishment sparring with the kind of empowerment that comes from cooperative efforts (Juno in Libra). The resistance of the power elite to sharing that power can’t be overestimated. In any case, it’s a day to reflect on all that it’s within our power to do, whether we admit/ recognize we hold that power or not.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.