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Not the kind of cross we’re talking about, but still–Shillito Cross in Shillito Woods, Ramsley Moor, Derbyshire, probably erected by monks from Beauchief Abbey during the 13th Century as a navigation aid for travellers to outlying fields. Photo By Martinvl CC BY-SA 4.0

The 31st Is A Good Day To . . . focus on a Cardinal Grand Cross that lasts through the 2nd and then on the 3rd adds Mars to the arm with Black Moon Lilith; the other factors are Venus, Juno and Saturn. This is the cross that all of our challenges, anxieties, and upsets get hung on today, with our own sense of empowerment, our relationships and/ or finances, and the physical and solid perceptual reality picture all supplying components that in some degree we’ll each need to deal with. Here are the things everyone will deal with: hidden or denied matters either make themselves known or must be acknowledged or dealt with directly; our own position (the one that says, ‘I am in charge of me and my issues’) stands in conflict with our relationships, our finances, or both; reality presents some walls, some non-negotiable terms, or some endings. Know that what we are stopped from doing, however this obstacle presents itself, is to our benefit; it would’ve cost us (money or love), or would’ve created its own barriers to or curtailing of our empowerment, if we’d gotten our way. Don’t forget: the Universe really is looking out for us, if we’ll just accept/ listen.

The Cardinal nature of this configuration means we may already be in motion when confronted by one or more of these matters, or that we have seen these things developing. Though the need to deal with things may have a sudden urgency, or may seem to come out of the blue, it doesn’t really take us by surprise; Saturn retro tells us we’ve known about at least some of this for a long time, and now Saturn ‘delivers’ it to us in a way we can’t avoid. The addition of Mars on the 3rd says the individual will be required to make choices or take action on what’s before them at that point–or may signal that we are forced to do so by someone else, or that our own anger or aggression brings things to a head.

There is a simple-but-not-easy-to-implement way of handling all this: we ‘shine a light’ on those matters that normally fall into our ‘blind spot’ (which calls for a high degree of Self-awareness)–or, we listen without mental or emotional intrusion to our instincts. If we can do that, access what we ‘know but don’t know’, we can do well, taking the natural impetus to confront and complete issues or advance an agenda of a Cardinal Cross and using it to our benefit (Sun parallel Sedna).

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.