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‘Dubrovnik bei Mondlicht’ By Eduard Kasparides 1915 {{PD}}

The first thing that draws my attention is the tidy sextile of the Full Moon in Pisces to Uranus, and the second thing is the loose Finger of God with base of Moon-Earth sextile Pallas and apex of Vesta; there’s also a close sesquiquadrate to Venus in Cancer. Though the FM makes no conjunctions among the bodies I use, it does sit in a kind of suspension between Neptune and Ceres; I’m aware this isn’t a true midpoint picture, but somehow the overwhelmingly watery nature of the Full Moon scenario seems to ask that we notice this, maybe even more than the precise sextile to Uranus in Taurean Earth or the quincunx to Fiery Vesta–or maybe that’s the point, that being cradled as it is between two strong indicators of Water/ Nature may suggest that these qualities are prominent in the relationships among the closer FM aspects. It does land at the midpoint of the current Saturn-Black Moon Lilith square, describing the Full Moon events as representing a point of tension in all that we ignore, deny, or are enraged by in the reality picture or in current restrictions, rules, or assertions of authority.

The deets: perfection occurs at 10:22 PM PDT of the 1st at 10 Pisces 12. The aspects suggest a resolution to stresses, especially emotional ones, triggered by fuller understanding (Uranus), which leads to greater wisdom (Pallas), resulting in a solidification of highest values and commitments to those values (Vesta). This will be very welcome, considering how we live in a kind of suspension at present, one consisting of the threats from a water-borne, communicable, difficult-to-contain virus (Neptune) and the reactions of Mother Nature Herself, via the effects of global warming, on-going food availability, production, affordability, and distribution issues, and the vagaries of Nature in terms of weather and planetary health, which have taken a decided uptick in extremity and impact on both the ecosystem itself and on humanity.

That Finger could also bring sudden accident or surprise to which we have to respond practically or wisely (the latter translating as ‘doing what we know we should, rather than what we want’), with the outcome a freshly realized dedication or new commitment (perhaps unexpected, and possibly arising from the way something else ends at this point courtesy of the closures that typically accompany the Full Moon)–or perhaps this need to respond smartly comes from our own or others’ rebellion–which may or may not successfully lead us to a clearer understanding of and dedication to our highest values.

The sesquiquadrate of the Full Moon to Venus in Cancer is troubling, though. It calls us to immerse ourselves in our relationships, to swim in our feeling, to relate to financial situations or assets emotionally–and yet when done through the Piscean lens of the Full Moon in difficult (sesquiquadrate) aspect we are likely to be overwhelmed or to find upset that we or others don’t care enough, or that material matters may swamp us and make it feel as if it’s impossible to recover. Our fears in these areas, our relationships and our finances, are apt to be exaggerated–know that your perspective is off, and don’t act in these areas at this time, as you’ll surely misjudge the severity of the situation.

The FM’s semi-square to each component of the square between Saturn and BML suggests that real-world events, endings, or restrictions/ delays we experience at this point arise directly from circumstances we’ve ignored or denied–and that says that Full Moon occurrences offer us the chance to respond to these things (maybe even require it). The FM event is ‘pressured’ by the unrecognized, unacknowledged, and reality itself–which may give FM events the feeling of being forced, to at least some degree.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is, ‘Men Traveling A Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination’. In concert with this we look at the source of the Full Moon’s light, the Sun Sabian: ‘In Her Baby A Mother Sees Her Deep Longing For A Son Answered’. These together suggest that we may find ourselves dedicating energies to a relatively narrow or focused Path at this time; this has the qualities of Vesta, which just so happens to be at the apex of the Finger, and represents our most revered values, causes, and principles. Expect to discover what is truly precious to you, particularly via the emotions, and then allow events to unfold, waiting a bit for emotional extremes to recede: what you’re left with will be what’s most important, what you should serve, protect, and support.