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‘The Triumphs of Caesar, 5. The Elephants’ By Andrea Mantegna c1490 {{PD}}

The 28th Is A Good Day To . . . adjust our surroundings so that the figurative elephant sitting on our figurative chest doesn’t drain us of creativity or make us so tired and distracted that we do something rash. That elephant is Saturn stationing direct, and it may seem that the state we find ourselves in will last forever, but it won’t, so know that anything uncomfortable, that restricts or binds us, or that appears to block or deny us something, will pass, and so will in some way a situation that seems secure or a state that seems permanent. In these latter circumstances, it becomes about awareness that time itself is change, and that we must appreciate what we have even as we know it will become something else someday, just like we will.

The one thing working really, really well today is a female-male kind of dynamic, anything where complementary energies can cooperate or work together, thanks to Venus trine Mars. This can translate in many ways, including taking the right actions in Love or Money, making a move to gain, profiting from our choice, or doing out of Love. Strangely enough, we might also see aggression stirred in competition for Love or Money, or a ‘Me First’ grab for assets or rewards, with Mars in Aries. But, we also have Venus in Leo, suggesting that any move toward absconding with assets or taking ‘too much’ could muster a fiery defense of the need to share, or the right of the original owner to keep their fair share–so don’t worry, Venus will defend herself! Moving in the positive ways that we can and doing what we’re empowered to right now will take our focus off the places where we may be temporarily stuck, and help us relax in that area that, just for now, is refusing to budge from the current status quo (Thanks, Saturn!)

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.